Sean Timm

Sean Timm was born in 1992 and grew up in Santa Rosa, California. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz and currently an MFA Comics student at California College of the Arts, he is now a writer and editor with experience in comics and video game journalism.  With an interest in writing of all kinds, this is only a small sample of his work.

Short-Form News
On-Camera Work

Long-Form Features
During 2016 and 2017, Sean hosted a podcast called The Game Cafe. You can find the full list of episodes here. Or you can find a selection below. 
Short Fiction
Synopsis:  Far in the future, in a world where organic life has entirely died out, synthetic life flourishes. As the synthetic beings of the new world develop, so does their curiosity. In the same way that humans of today endeavor to push science, and explore just what it means to be alive, so do the beings of this new world. The product of those scientific questions is an organic, human infant named Echo. And in a world where organic life is unnatural, the fear and wonder of an entire society inevitably begins crashing down around her.
Interactive Script:

Synopsis: In this side-scrolling fantasy epic, the player enters the role of Kendra Hale, a village woman caught in the middle of a plot that could crumble nations.  Amongst the ruins of a once great empire, a plague has all but destroyed any sense of government. In the aftermath, three city-states have risen to power and an uneasy peace has followed, until now. Focusing on player choice and consequences for every decision, the narrative unfolds as the player faces the threat of a growing army of Wildmen, tribes unsworn to any city state, and the political relations between the three cities begin to break down, leading each of them directly towards all-out-war.